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Measles 亞省衛生服務局提醒公眾接種疫苗可有效預防麻疹

2019-02-26 (星期二)

亞省衛生服務局 AHS 已發出通知,確診一名麻疹患者於 2 月 12 日和 13 日到訪過勒杜克市 (Leduc)。麻疹傳染性極強,易通過空氣傳播,免疫接種可有效預防麻疹。

疫苗是安全有效的,可保護我們的兒童和社區免受疾病所害。麻疹疫苗通過亞省公共資助的免疫計劃向公衆免費提供。兒童應在 12 個月時接種第一劑疫苗,並在 4 歲時接種第二劑。

如果閣下不清楚自己或子女的免疫接種史,或有意預約接種疫苗,請撥打 811 致電當地公共衛生辦公室或健康鏈接熱線 Health Link


有關勒杜克市 (Leduc) 特定麻疹病例更多信息,包括患者或可接觸之地,請瀏覽:

Measles 亞省衛生服務局提醒公眾接種疫苗可有效預防麻疹

Alberta Health Services has advised that an individual with a confirmed case of measles visited Leduc on February 12 and 13. Measles is an extremely contagious disease that can spread easily through the air but it can be prevented through immunization.

Vaccines are safe, effective and protect our children and communities from disease. The measles vaccine is free of charge through Alberta’s publicly funded immunization program. Children should receive their first dose of the vaccine at 12 months of age and their second dose at four years old.

**** 以上訊息由亞省政府提供 ****