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亞省政府訊息 - 數碼版汽車保險憑證

2019-08-26 (星期一)






亞省政府訊息 - 數碼版汽車保險憑證

To mark 100 days of red tape reduction, Albertans will be able to use digital proof of insurance instead of the pink paper cards. This newest change offers a safe and reliable way to access insurance cards on mobile devices. 

Having the ability to keep insurance cards on a phone means Albertans won’t need to worry about switching out paper cards and are kept safe with the owner. This reduces the risk of theft if a vehicle is broken into. 

Insurance companies will be responsible for rolling out digital proof of insurance applications and they will be able to determine the timeline of when this will be made available. Albertans can continue to use the paper option if preferred.

Here’s more information about the digital proof of insurance: