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2014-10-24 (星期五)

2014-10-24 (星期五)

全台總動員身體力行,到外景量度總長度之餘,更將所有收集得來的頸巾組合成粉紅絲帶的形狀。歡迎大家到 "Photos" 照片冊中欣賞所有照片!


FM 94.7加拿大中文電台為配合10月「關注乳癌月」進行了一個編織粉紅頸巾大行動。感謝聽眾和同事們的踴躍參與, 從中更感受到各人在編織過程中帶出一份對病患的關懷。所有頸巾 將會捐贈有關慈善機構

·        頸巾數目: 100

·        總長度: 7,791

·        相等於7個半標準游泳池的長度108個身高6呎的成年人的總高度


「乳」宙最長,粉紅頸巾大行動. 關注乳癌月,您我齊創舉,  圓滿結束, 再次多謝大家透過這活動,織出關懷, 病患及家人送上祝福


We would like to thank all the participating audience and staff for their great work during the “KNIT FOR HOPE to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, organized by FM 94.7 Fairchild Radio Calgary.

The result is amazing!  We have collected 100 hand-knitted scarves, the total length of which is over 7,791 inches, which is equivalent to 7.5 standard size swimming pools, or 108 6-feet-tall people! 

The ground-breaking record is the perfect proof of our participants’ love and care for the breast cancer patients and their families. All of the beautiful scarves will be donated to charity, and we urge everyone to continue supporting this good cause. Let’s work together to make breast cancer history.